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Tahoe Amore was founded on the idea of blending the Venetian culture with a touch of magic, to showcase the beauty of Lake Tahoe. One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of  Venice, Italy is that it’s the city of romance. That same romance is alive in Lake Tahoe with it’s own beauty and grace.

The area surrounding the Tahoe Keys Marina resemble the canals of Italy, but the water and atmosphere are even more picturesque. Tahoe Amore is here to blend the romance of Italy with the serenity of beautiful Lake Tahoe. With the two together you get the best of both worlds. Tahoe Amore brings you Tahoe Love in an experience you’ll never forget.

About Tahoe Amore
Lake Tahoe Gondola Rides


Our unique Lake Tahoe gondola rides at Tahoe Amore show you Lake Tahoe like you’ve never experienced it before. By slowing things down… you truly get to experience the natural beauty, the area, and what the lake have to offer. Whether it’s a fun Lake Tahoe girls night out or a romantic cruise for two, our Lake Tahoe gondola rides will leave you wanting more.

We take pride in ensuring your Lake Tahoe experience is unforgettable. We love the area and do everything we can to ensure our Lake Tahoe gondola rides are fun, unique and informative. Our commitment is to showing you another side of Lake Tahoe, taking you on a journey that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.


Come join us today and let’s us show you the Tahoe Love.