Sunset Cruise in Lake Tahoe | Tahoe Amore Gondola Rides
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Sunset Cruise in Lake Tahoe

The Most Romantic and Unique Sunset Cruise in Lake Tahoe

The setting sun in Lake Tahoe is a special time of day. Combining the picturesque water with the vibrant mountain sky creates an atmosphere unlike anything else in the world. Lake Tahoe is known for its natural beauty and nearly every evening as day turns to night nature puts on its own version of a light show.


Because of the incredible colors, a sunset cruise in Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular activities. If you’re looking for the most romantic sunset experience, then look no further because we have you covered. Join us for our most popular cruise and experience the wonder that come with a sunset cruise in Lake Tahoe!

Our unique sunset cruise in Lake Tahoe allows you to only focus on enjoying the moment. We have taken care of EVERYTHING for you from start to finish and beyond for your gondola ride! Your cruise package includes:


✔ Private Gondola Ride

✔ Venetian Gondolier

✔ Wine Opener (no corkage) and cups

✔ Romantic Music

For an additional fee you can enrich your cruise with:

✔ The Message In A Bottle Experience

✔ Drone Media of your cruise

✔ Bouquet of Roses

✔ Scattered Rose Petals

✔ Authentic Venetian Blanket

✔ A Set of Lit Lanterns


We’re standing by to help you enjoy this romantic sunset cruise in Lake Tahoe with loved one, family and/or friends. Give us a call at 530.314.8866 to get setup today or choose one of the cruise options below to learn more!

Sunset Cruise Lake Tahoe | Gondola Ride in Lake Tahoe