The Vaporetto - Tahoe Amore
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The Vaporetto

A 2-Hour Tour of Lake Tahoe

The Vaporetto – the Venetian Water Taxi that literally made the Gondolas go extinct for a short period of time – no point in rowing passengers with the invention of the engine! These modern day Gondolas boast the same Italian feel, but able to go longer distances with a smoother ride due to the Gondolier being able to drive the vessel.


If you’d like to spend more time on beautiful Lake Tahoe or if you have a larger group, our Venetian water taxi is the way to go. Perfect for anything from a romantic couple’s cruise to group cruises like girls night outs, brunch cruises, afternoon family cruises and don’t forget evening party-cruises!


Our boat holds up to 8 passengers and we provide wine openers, cups, and music. Bring some appetizers along with your favorite beverages (no corkage) and our Gondolier will captain your party safely around the lake!


*Note: this a pleasure boat ride, not one that is made for getting in and out of water. Everybody stays dry the entire time and no swimming is allowed.

Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals | Gondola Ride Lake Tahoe in Vaporetto

Morning Vaporetto

Includes Up To Six Guests

$25 for additional guests ages 10 & up
$10 for ages 2-9

What better way to start your day than on the lake, taking in the crisp mountain air? We recommend bringing breakfast aboard seeing as we have a table that goes down the middle of the boat.

Luxury Boat Ride Lake Tahoe | Vaporetto

Classic Vaporetto

Includes Up To Four Guests

$25 for additional guests ages 10 & up
$10 for ages 2-9

You can’t come to Lake Tahoe and not get on the Lake. This is our classic cruise with the most available start-time options. Turn it into a brunch boat ride or a late afternoon lunch cruise!

Evening Water Taxi Lake Tahoe

Evening Vaporetto

Includes Up To Four Guests

$25 for additional guests ages 10 & up
$10 for ages 2-9

Either catch the colorful Sunsets or gaze upon the night sky… The tranquility of this time option is unmatched. Like always, no corkage fee. We have wine openers and cups for you.

All cruises on The Vaporetto are 2-hour tours of beautiful Lake Tahoe!

Would you prefer our traditional gondola cruise? Click here to learn more.