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9 of The Best Things To Do in Lake Tahoe

Mount Tallac Hike | Lake Tahoe

9 of The Best Things To Do in Lake Tahoe

Summer is upon us and at Tahoe Amore we love our lake community so we found it only fitting that we would share some of the best things to do in Lake Tahoe during the summer. This article is not based on any facts or figures, just simply our opinion of some of the amazing things our town has to offer. None of the businesses or experiences listed have paid to be a part of this list.

At Tahoe Amore we’re all about the “Tahoe Love” and we hope to spread a little by sharing our top 9 best things to do in Lake Tahoe! To be fair we didn’t include ourselves in this list, but we’d love to have you join us for one of our infamous Lake Tahoe cruises this summer too! Ciao and enjoy!


If you don’t agree, leave a comment and tell us your favorite. This is just our opinion and we hope you enjoy!


Lake Tahoe Balloons was established in 1992 and has created an amazing balloon flight experience over Lake Tahoe that you soon won’t forget! This experience can truly claim to be unique as they are the only balloon ride operation in the world where your ballooning experience begins and ends on the deck of a boat!

This is made possible by their special balloon launch and recovery vessel, the Tahoe Flyer, which was built specifically for the purpose of recovering hot air balloons in a water environment. If you’re looking for a amazing vistas and a Lake Tahoe experience that you’ll never forget we highly recommend out friends at Lake Tahoe Balloons. Learn more on their website LakeTahoeBalloons.com

Lake tahoe boat Rides

Lake Tahoe Boat Rides | Best Things To Do in Lake Tahoe

Hands down one of our favorite things to do in Lake Tahoe is get out and go fast on the lake! Lake Tahoe Boat Rides has you covered for a variety of water activities, from our favorite, wakeboarding and tubing to private sightseeing charters of the crystal clear water and coves.

Take advantage of the largest lake by volume in the US and the largest alpine lake in North America by getting out for some fun on the water. Our friends at TahoeBoatRides.com will be sure you have an amazing time without all the hassle of towing your own boat out to the lake. See you out for some fun in the sun!

Hike to the top of Emerald bay

Emerald Bay Lookout | South Lake Tahoe

When looking for things to do in Lake Tahoe you should definitely take advantage of the amazing setting you find yourself in. One of the most majestical places in the entire lake is Emerald Bay. You can access Emerald Bay by car, but you can also access it via the Rubicon Trail. This trails follows the lake edge all the way from D.L. Bliss State Park which is roughly four miles south to the bay. But the most amazing hike at the bay that has a tremendous payoff and is only a one mile hike that starts across the highway from the bay. From there the trail takes you up the icy cascades of Eagle Falls. What makes this destination so special is once at the top you are rewarded with a panoramic view of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe. A view that ensures you’ll want to return for years to come. You can learn more about this hike from the California Travel and Tourism Commission at VisitCalifornia.com

A Rum Rummer at camp Richardson

Rum Runner Cocktail | Best Things to do in Lake Tahoe

Changing gears a bit to the relaxation side of exploring the Lake Tahoe area, we’d like to recommend one of our favorite spots with one of, if not, the most iconic cocktail in the area. The Rum Runner cocktail at The Beacon Bar & Grill inside Camp Richardson is the relaxation drink of Lake Tahoe. Camp Richardson is right along a beautiful stretch of the South Lake Tahoe shore and is a must stop for anyone who wants a first class Tahoe experience. Enjoy the shore, enjoy the live music and relax as you sip the sweet nectar of the Rum Runner! Visit the Camp Richardson website for restaurant hours and reservations at CampRichardson.com

Beach Day at SanD HARBor

Sand Harbor | Lake Tahoe

If there’s one thing that Lake Tahoe is known for its’ pristine and crystal like water of the lake. There’s almost no better place to experience this than at Sand Harbor on the Northeastern side of the lake. This harbor has a variety of activities to satisfy even the most seasoned adventurers. The sloping beach, clear water and fascinating rock formations set the scene for an unforgettable swim, kayak or even scuba dive! If you like to water-ski, wakeboard, fish or you just launch your boat, you can do it from one of two boat launch ramps provided by the park. The harbor even has visitors covered who would rather relax in the shade of the stunning trees by taking advantage of the multitude of picnic sites with ready-to-use barbecues and tables. More info can be found on the Nevada State Parks website at Parks.NV.gov

Riva Grill … & Chill

Riva Grill in Lake Tahoe

After a long day at the beach, we love to head back south to a favorite happenin spot on the water, the Riva Grill. The Riva Grill, named after the iconic Italian wooden boat, the Riva runabout, is a premiere dining experience modeled after the premiere craft that shares its namesake. The Riva Grill is open daily for lunch and dinner and the bar is open until at least 11:30 pm nightly, offering vacationers and locals an amazing place to let loose and enjoy the beauty of the Tahoe lake front. It’s always a good day or evening when you get to dine on the lake, but be sure to check the restaurant calendar as they also have many fun special events and live music if you time your visit just right! Learn more at RivaGrill.com

Lake Tahoe Off-roading

Lake Tahoe Offroading | Full Access Tahoe

For the adventurer who is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie, we love, love, love renting an ATV from our friends at Full Access Tahoe (F.A.T.)! Based in South Lake Tahoe, those we affectionately refer to as F.A.T., offer an amazing experience to everyone from novice off-roaders to expert drivers/riders. This makes our best things to do in Lake Tahoe list because it allows you to see a different side of the area that’s not easily accessible in any other way! Rent for the day or for just a few hours, make your Lake Tahoe experience unforgettable and in the words of owner, Hunter Thompson, leave saying “Wow, what a ride!” Learn more at FullAccessTahoe.com

Hike Up Mt. Tallac

Mount Tallac Hike | Lake Tahoe

Mount Tallac is a Lake Tahoe icon, towering above the cobalt blue waters of our amazing lake. The Mt. Tallac hike is one of the more scenic and challenging hikes in the South Lake Tahoe area. Covering around 10 miles, the hike offers not only a chance to push yourself, but also incredible views of the Desolation Wilderness and the lake. Some even say that the summit of this hike offers the best panorama in all of the Tahoe Sierra Mountains. There is street parking for this hike, but a wilderness permit is required and you can pick up the permit at the self-service area before you head up. A word of caution is to bring plenty of food and water, it can get quite hot above the timber line in the thin atmosphere and you want to be safe and hydrated. Also, try to avoid summer weekends as this hike can get a bit crowded. Happy exploring!

Wine Tasting on a boat!

Tahoe Tastings | Lake Tahoe

Our friends at Tahoe Tastings have created a classic venetian wooden water taxi to provide you with a wine tasting experience like no other. Hop aboard the vintage Golden Rose, a 1953 Chris Craft Venetian Water Taxi, sit back, relax and take in the beauty of the lake while sipping on wines artfully chosen for your specific experience. The crew aboard the Golden Rose caters to your every need and provides a first-class experience that is unique to the South Lake Tahoe area. You can learn more on their website at TahoeTastings.com

Well that’s it for our edition of the best things to do in Lake Tahoe. If you agree, disagree or want to tell us your favorite thing to do in Lake Tahoe please leave a comment below. We hope to see you this summer in the area and invite you to come check us out down in the Tahoe Keys Marina. No matter what Lake Tahoe activity you choose we hope you have an amazing time and come back often! Ciao for now!

Now that you’ve read our best things to do in Lake Tahoe check out our cruises too!

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